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I know. You know.

Working in video production requires dealing with pressure and recalculating routes. When a client hires a video company, they expect their story to be told the best possible way. And bringing that idea to life is quite the challenge!

(Especially when you only have 45s and a limited budget.)

Recently a client assigned us to such a project. Our mission was to deliver a quick animation explainer video that conveyed the client's brand in an accessible, sophisticated and powerful way. Then we kicked off...

A girl creating a quick explanatory animation video that conveys the client's brand in an accessible, sophisticated, and powerful way

Throughout the process, we came across new challenges. The video required more sense of depth, but we didn't have the budget and turna round time to go for full 3D elements. So we focused on isometric animations adapted to the client's brand.

After a week of production, we wrapped it up! Direct client was happy about it and we kept building trust with our video production partner.

Delivering successful projects involves meeting deadlines, providing quick customer service, being profitable and following a cooperative workflow. As a Freelancer, it's a pleasure to count on a team (yes, a freelancer with a posse!) who knows that.

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My vision about Motion design

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As a Motion Design Freelancer, my work is to create stunning motion graphics that help video production studios deliver their projects with quality and in the correct timeframe. Our team (yes, a freelancer with a posse!) works tirelessly to ensure that the end product is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also delivers results. We are committed to providing quick turnarounds and top-notch customer service.

What about a Coffee?

Interested in discussing your project over a coffee? Let's chat! Contact me anytime to schedule a meeting and let's bring your vision to life.

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